Cocker goes to see Encyclopedia Billy

I recently opened up an email from our very own Encyclopedia Billy. He told me that Cocker had just left his place and was heading on down to Harlem Georgia. As I looked though the pictures of Cocker’s stay with Billy, I wondered how far he had traveled already in the short time he has being gone. He has been to five states, seven cities, and traveled 1,946 miles! It’s pretty awesome when you think about it. To have fans participate in this has meant so much to us here at IBWIP. But there are still so many places left to go. We have actually only put a dent in the list of people who have signed up for Cocker to visit. The coolest part of this is how creative everyone has been with the photos! So forget about only doing five pictures, take as many as you want. In a month or so we think that we will have enough pictures to put together a “Cocker’s Travel’s” video. Hopefully it will be PART 1 of a series of videos. Thanks again to everyone who has taken Cocker under their wing and opened their homes and families to him. We look forward to seeing the next batch of pictures soon.
The following is the pictures taken of Cocker during his stay with Encyclopedia Billy in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Billy was nice enough to provide the descriptions of the pictures as well. Thanks again to Billy and his family for showing Cocker a great time.

Since we were starting early cocker decided to rock out to some ibwip.

After that the day started out for cocker with a ‘gulp’ from 7-11 down in Baltimore.

Cocker was havin a good time until we saw the ‘Chicken Nook’

.He talked me into going in & savin some of his family. After stompin a mud hole in some people’s butts, we had 2 get some ‘repair’ work done.

After that we finished the route, cocker saw Penn Station & kept mumbling something about jumpin a train headin to D.C.

I convinced him to stay so we took in some sights.

Later he decided to take a dip in the pool.

Then mama decided to get in the pool with him.

Before long it was bed time.

The next day we decided to take it easy. We went to a state park to see some of his cousins.

Friday night, I’m not sure what happened.


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