Cocker continues to PARTY on the “tour”

Another great set of pictures has hit my email. The famous REV NICK REDDITT from Cigar Box Radio took Cocker on a great tour of Orlando Florida. This was the first time that Cocker didn’t drink… but he instead “smoked”. Damn that cock really is partying like a COCKSTAR! He checked out The Swamp and checked out some the downtown Orlando. He even became an official podcaster as he join Nick on the mic. It was awesome. Thanks to Nick for giving Cocker a great stay and even got him his own room. Not sure I wanna know what happened with the lil doggy. HA HA HA HA


  1. says

    He was so upset about the Booby Trap changing names and being closed. He was a handful. HE wanted to smoke he had me take him to get some “Chronic” I dont know? I dont drink so he did what he had to do i guess. Hope hes doing good on the road and cant wait to see his next stop.

  2. WildRover says

    Awesome pictures! It was great having Cocker on Mojo Medicine Show with Rev. Cocker really knows how to pick good cigar box guitar music. Long Live Cocker!

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